For the softening of larger volumes of water.

For the softening of larger volumes of water, the Ontario series offers the perfect solution. Several resin modules can be installed next to or above one another in numbers of two. Typical examples of ideal locations for this type of installation are big apartment buildings, office buildings, public buildings, sports facilities, schools, hospitals and industrial buildings.

No electricity

  • No energy consumption
  • Easy installation without a power socket
  • Especially safe

Made in Belgium

  • High quality water softeners and filters, 100% produced in Belgium
  • Local sourcing and production ensures a smaller ecological footprint

Finer resins and large capacity

  • Unique patented technology
  • Large capacity with limited resin volume

Small is beautiful

  • Small appliances with great performance
  • Fit in the smallest spaces

Fully volumetric operation

  • The water softener adapts to your specific situation

Economical and environmental

  • Especially low salt and regeneration water consumption
  • Water consumption 18 litre per regeneration cycle
  • Salt consumption 300 gram per regeneration cycle
  • No electricity consumption

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For larger volumes of water, Delta Ontario is your perfect solution. This app will give you our best proposed solution for your water needs in commercial facilities. Fill in our form and download your result with all the detailed information.


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