Delta Water Engineering

Non-electrical water technology

Hydro @ Home

Hydro@Home water softeners feature an extremely small environmental footprint. Our Hydro@Home water softeners are so compact that they fit in every situation and every home. Hydro@Home? Fits your home. Fits every home.


For the softening of larger volumes of water, the Delta Series offers the perfect solution. Several resin modules can be installed next to or above one another in numbers of two. Typical examples of ideal locations for this type of installation are big apartment buildings, office buildings, public buildings and industrial buildings.

Hot Water

The Delta Simplex is the ideal application for hotels/restaurants/bars, who wish to protect their expensive appliances (steamers, coffee machines, dishwashers,…) against incrustation. Depending on the specific application, one can choose between the Simplex or Duplex-model.

Local production

Belgium - Antwerp


Own development


Social employment


Each app is tested