Delta Water Engineering

Non-electrical water technology

Delta Water Engineering

The factory of Delta in Mortsel-Antwerp produces water softeners, from design to checked end product! The Delta water softeners are distributed from the factory across the world through local dealers and distributors.

pollet water group

Delta Water Engineering is part of Pollet Water Group, one of the world’s leading water treatment companies. Visit the website

Social employment

Our products are assembled by the employees of De Brug in Mortsel, Belgium. This non-profit sheltered workshop provides meaningful employment to 320 persons who would have difficulty finding work in the regular job market.


The ACS quality mark

The ACS quality mark is awarded by the French Ministry of Public Health and shows that Delta water softeners comply with the strict legislation regarding health and safety of drinking water. This quality mark was already granted to Delta Water Engineering for the Delta water softeners since 2010.

The American Water Quality Association (WQA)

The American Water Quality Association (WQA) unites more than 2700 companies across the world that are all actively engaged in the improvement of water quality. This organisation trains professionals, reviews and tests products and provides information to and about the water industry globally. (read more…)

De Structural Integrity (SI) test

The Structural Integrity (SI) test that was carried out on the 3L and 12L units, measures the length of time Delta water softeners can withstand high water pressure. During the test, the water softener was exposed to short and strong pressure pulses with the water pressure each time increasing from 0 to 10 bars.

The prescribed water pressure for the Delta water softeners is up to 8 bars. However, our water softeners achieved no less than 100,025 consecutive pulses of 10 bars during this test. This test is also carried out monthly at Delta Water Engineering, the manufacturer of the Delta Water softeners, and often the mark of 350,000 cycles from 0 to 10 bars is achieved effortlessly.

The materials extraction test

The materials extraction test checks whether harmful substances are released when tap water flows through the Delta water softener. A not insignificant fact, as many people often use tap water in the kitchen or for drinking. The water softener was filled with water multiple times during the test, and this was done with different time intervals.  Subsequently, the water was examined for traces of dozens of different substances. The Delta water softener also passed this test without any problems. 

By passing both tests, the Delta water softener was granted the Gold Seal Certificate, the most important quality mark for drinking water treatment systems.

The KIWA certification

Delta Water Engineering succeeded as the first manufacturer ever of water softeners, to receive the Dutch KIWA certification. This certification offers a guarantee that the Delta softeners are safe and qualitative devices that meet all Dutch standards. The certification also proves that all components and raw materials in the Delta softeners are traceable and suitable for coming into contact with your drinking water. A world first of which we are very proud!